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Employee Benefit Plans

We help design employee benefit plans including group hospitalization, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, dental coverage and qualified retirement plans. Employees can also voluntarily enroll in supplemental life and long-term disability coverage through the convenience of payroll deduction. In addition, we assist in establishing flexible benefit plans and explaining to the employees the benefits offered by their employer. Listed below are some of the many issues we discuss with our clients and the services offered.

  • Modify current group benefit plan designs to help maintain cost controls while continuing to provide competitive employee benefits.
  • Help reduce employee benefit costs while maintaining competitive coverage by annually shopping the group coverage with multiple carriers.
  • Assist, when appropriate, in the installation of partially self-insured group plans.
  • Customize employee benefits to enhance coverage on a tax-favorable basis for owners of closely held family businesses along with their key employees and family members.
  • Help in the establishment of cafeteria and flexible benefit plans to provide the employees the ability to pay for benefits on a tax-deductible basis plus the option of setting aside funds on a before-tax basis to pay for uninsured medical expenses and dependent care costs.
  • Suggest the use of outside third-party administrators to service these plans.
  • Facilitate employee communication by developing personalized handout materials and conducting employee awareness meetings. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that the employee not only understands the benefits offered, but appreciates the value of those benefits and their cost.
  • Assistance in determining if a qualified Retirement Plan is appropriate.